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Behind the Camera

Magdalena Pilecka is a Warsaw based witch who loves to turn ideas into animated films. Always ready to catch it with her magic sketchbook and pencils. She loves to give adventures to her imaginary friends.
Her favourite spell is: If you really want something... you can draw it for yourself.


2012 - Chwast (Weed)
2013 - I am
2014 - Piesydent (Doggydent)
2015 - DINO or something (series)
2016 - Piórnikt (Penciless Case)

2017 - Ludzik spadł mi z nieba (He fell down from the sky)

2018 - BOVSKA -'Kęsy’ (music video)
2018 - Juliusz (animated parts in feature film of Alek Pietrzak)
2019 - Krecia Robota (music video)
2019 - Paweł Izdebski -'Laura' (music video)

2020 - Patrycja Kosiarkiewicz - 'Oliwka' (music video)

2020 - Jerzy Stuhr, Maria Holka - 'Lew' (music video)

2021 - Michał Rudaś - 'Naprawdę jesteś' (music video)

Worked for:
Kwartalnik Przekrój, Teatr Polski, Huncwot, Agora, WWF, H&M, BOVSKA, Animoon,, Munk Studio, Earth-Salt, TheProduction, Serafiński Studio, TimbreTone, Majestic, Bajzel...   

Awards &




'DINO or something’ exhibited at Solyanka Gallery in Moscow (Russia)

'DINO or something’ exhibited at Galeria Bunkier Sztuki in Cracow (Poland)

'DINO or something’ exhibited at Galeria ESKAEM in Gdańsk (Poland)

Golden Kuker (Bulgaria)

1st place for the 'I am' animation


Audience Award for the 'DINO or something'

O!PLA Film Festival (Poland)

1st place for the 'DINO or something'

3rd place for the 'Piesydent'

Mediawave (Hungary)

'Best animation' award for the 'DINO or something'

Globe International Silent Film Festiwal (USA)

Audience Award for the ‘DINO or something’

Prowincjonalia (Poland)

'Best animation' award for 'He felt down from the sky'

Screened at:

DOK Leipzig (Germany), Cannes Short Film Corner (France), ANIMASIVO (Mexico), Mediwave (Hungary), Ljubljana (Slovenia), VAFI, Klik! Amsterdam, Nowe Horyzonty, ANIMATOR, Se-ma-for, OFAFA, MONSTRA, Athens Animfest...

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© 2019 By Magda Pilecka.

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